In the summer of 2014 my friend messaged me about an idea to create a web app for finding a central location between you and a person you’re trying to meet with. I thought it was a cool idea, and always wanted a reason to experiment with the Google Maps API, so I was onboard.

My initial goal was to get a minimum viable product up and running to see what people thought. Unfortunately my pride got the best of me and I never really publicized the site because I was never really content with it.

I hope to eventually go back, clean things up, and add some much needed features, but in the meantime check it out -> HalfToMeet

Here’s the current flow of the app…


HalfToMeet homepage

HalfToMeet homepage


HalfToMeet Address

First I auto-detect your location based on your browser’s location


HalfToMeet Places

Then you select the type of place you’re looking to meet your friend at


HalfToMeet Friend

Next you’ll need to drag the map pin to the general location of where your friend is


HalfToMeet Results

Then you’ll see a list of results that are located between your location and the location of your friend


HalfToMeet Result Map

By clicking on the name of a result, you’ll see it’s location on the map and the address