Ever since I created my first website (game-palace.net – later version) back in high school, I’ve been wanting to put together another website around a topic I’m interested in. Partly because this allows me to learn more about the subject matter (although I do have freelancers write some of the articles), but mostly because it gives me a playground to mess around with some of these “affiliate marketing” or “google adword” residual income practices that people are always bragging about online. I mean look, I’m already making a fortune 🙂

BitcoinRewind Google Adsense Project


Let’s take a look at some of the pieces of this website…


Bitcoin Rewind homepage

Bitcoin Rewind homepage


Bitcoin Rewind Article

An individual article


Bitcoin Rewind Advertisements

Advertisements shown on the bottom of each article


Bitcoin Rewind Charts

A page displaying a bunch of different crypto/fiat currency prices


Bitcoin Rewind Wallpaper Downloads

A download page with a couple different Bitcoin wallpapers


Social Network Pages


Bitcoin Rewind Google Adsense Report

Bitcoin Rewind Google Adsense Report