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My Favorite React.js Videos (August 2015)

If you're a front-end software engineer, there's a very good chance you've heard the recent craze surrounding Facebook's new React.js framework. This has resulted in me doing a ton of research into educational materials on the subject. I started with a PRO membership...

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Intro to 3D Printing

A little while back I supported the M3D "Micro" 3D printer campaign on Kickstarter without ever seeing a 3D printer actually run. As I posted about before, I have actually bought a 3D printed product for my Google Glass, but I never really understood the processed...

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National Nodebot Day!

Fun fact: Today was national nodebot day! (event info) Fittingly, this is happening just days after attending a Node.js workshop for the start of the TXJS conference here in Austin. Since it was my first time, I basically just walked through the Johnny-Five tutorials...

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Lithium Technologies is Hiring!

Looking for a new job? My employer, Lithium Technologies has a bunch of really good job opportunities open right now, and I wanted to share them with the rest of my LinkedIn network. I've linked the job title to a description page on jobvite, but if you have any...

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Weekend Paint Project

Well, we've owned our house for 15 months now, and figured it would be good to add some color to our very tan downstairs. It was hard to capture the exact colors with my phone's camera, but that bottom Instagram picture might be the closest to the actual colors. How's...

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How I Use Bit.ly to Track My Social Media Influence

A couple months ago I was promoting my friend's new book on Twitter (edit: oh yea, and Facebook) and just naturally shortened the Amazon link I attached. The reason I do this is so I can track how many of my social media followers are actually clicking on the links...

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