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SXSW 2016 — Day 2

Injecting Machine Learning Everywhere Etienne Bernard - Lead Architect, Wolfram Research @TwitterSports: The Power of Now Danny Keens - Head of Sports Partnerships North America, Twitter Sam Laird - Sports Reporter, Mashable Build the Crowdsourcing Community of Your...

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SXSW 2016 — Day 1

Opening Keynote: Casey Gerald   President Obama Keynote   Book Signing: Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee is the greatest. My biggest daily inspiration... If you don't already follow him, please check him out A photo posted by Dan Schoonmaker (@schoonie23) on Mar 11,...

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My Favorite React.js Videos (March 2016)

Last summer I started on a work project in React.js, and posted in August about some of the videos I found helpful when getting started with React.js. Since then I've learned a ton on the subject, and with the software development world changing so quickly every day,...

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Christmas Lights 2015

Check out our Christmas lights, and tree! I'll work on getting a more updated picture of the front of the house now that we actually finished the left side of the bushes...    

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Keys to Success – B.C. Forbes

This past week I was listening to the audiobook of Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman as I continue working towards my 2015 goal of finishing 26 books. I had already read the Personal MBA, as well as his second book, The First 20 Hours, and loved them both. I'm also a big...

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