Every New Years I create an Evernote entry for things I hope to accomplish over the upcoming year. Each year I mean to post it on this blog to try and hold myself accountable, but sadly I can’t even follow through with that. That being said, last year I did accomplish a majority of the major goals I set. For instance:

At the same time, there were some easy ones that I definitely missed out on:

  • Consolidate student loans
  • Create a mobile app
  • See Derek Jeter play during his final season
  • Network with more people (obviously not specific enough of a goal)

Not too bad, but as always (and like most people) I definitely wish I would have accomplished more. So to try and make that happen in 2015, here’s what I hope to accomplish:

  • Network with more people
  • Save at least $6,000
  • Consolidate student loans
  • Drink more water (and less energy drinks)
  • Contribute more towards retirement
  • Physically build something
  • Play more golf
  • Read 26 books (follow my progress)
  • Program something new (not work related) each month
  • Attend a 49ers game
  • Attend a Yankees game
  • Continue to learn new technologies
  • Document things as you learn them

Now not to cop out or anything, but also just to be clear, I purposely make this list longer and more ambitious and I think I can realistically complete. I guess this could be considered a bad move since mentally I’m viewing them all as “optional”. The way I see it, even if I accomplish a subset of these goals I’ll be continuously improving myself as a person, and living a life I’m proud of…