Hey everyone… Another long, exhausting day is in the books…

I finally got a chance to photoshop my actual route. I ended up changing my mind last minute, and decided to go south through Atlanta instead of North through Knoxville. Originally I was going to just drive through Tennessee in an attempt to avoid traffic, but after talking to my friend Mike last night, I realized that the roads are much wider near Atlanta and the traffic would basically just balance out. It paid off, and once again I traveled the entire day without needing to slow down once.

Once I got to Alabama the clock on my phone jumped back an hour, which freaked me out at first because I thought that was going to save me an hour on tomorrow’s trip. Instead I guess I get to sleep an hour longer tonight. Either way my life just got an hour longer lol.

After arriving at Drew and Ashley’s around 3:45pm (Central Time), I was quickly whisked away by their beautiful daughter Bella who was anxious to show me her room, her toy room, and every toy she owns. We then proceeded to have a wonderful time playing board games (although I should apologize for being so competitive and beating her at multiple games). The highlight of course was when I beat her at “Pretty Pretty Princess”, and although I’m sure you’d all love to see a picture of me wearing plastic princess jewelry, you’ll have to settle with this one of Bella and I…

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Then poppa Drew showed off his newly acquired parenting skills and cooked us a lovely dinner of Moroccan chicken pot pie. Which was amazing, and managed to impress me. I can wait to get my new apartment now and experiment with cooking some random dishes.

Well now it’s about time for me to catch that extra hour of sleep. Long day of driving ahead of me tomorrow (14 HOURS!)… I’m sure there will be a nice hour break thrown in there so I can update the blog, and ensure that my car doesn’t overheat. Wish me luck!

OH YEA!! And a special thanks to Drew, Ashley, Bella, and the almost born Juliet (who wasn’t quite ready to make an appearance yet). You all made my roadtrip that much more enjoyable! Especially Bella 🙂

Actual Route

Updated route