I found an apartment today!

This morning, my friend Jessie and I went around to a couple (only two) apartments in search of a place for me to live. We started at this complex called River Oaks in Central Austin (Hyde Park area). The apartment wasn’t bad. It was a little small (just a studio), but I figure if I’m only going to be living there for a 6 month lease (before looking for a three bedroom place with my cousins), I’d be fine with it. I originally thought the nice part here was the location between work and downtown Austin, but then decided that commuting to work daily was more important than the occasional weekend trip downtown.

That leads me to the second (and final) apartment…

We went to the Waters Edge apartment complex up in North Austin (2.9 mile drive to IBM), and it was pretty obvious which apartment was a better fit for me. For starters, this apartment was much nicer quality. It’s a one bedroom (rather than a studio), it has new appliances (including a stacked washer and dryer), hardwood floors in the entrance way and kitchen, and even a tiny wood fireplace in the corner of the livingroom. It was even $30 less a month than the first apartment.

The only bad part is that I have to wait until March 2nd (this Friday) to move my stuff in. So I’ll be in the hotel until then. I have made appointments to setup my electric and internet though, plus I finally have an official Austin address to forward my mail to.

Since I can’t move in until Friday, I don’t have any official pictures, but I do have a few other things I can share…

Click for a Virtual Tour

(exactly like my apartment but a mirror image)


apartment #1103

work commute

downtown commute