Well day two has officially started, and my first legitimate car issues have come right along with it!

I opened the hood of my car this morning to check out my radiator’s coolant level and make sure we weren’t going to run into any problems. While the coolant level was a little low, there was also a slightly more apparent issue with the inner workings of my car…

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Now if you’re as car savvy as me, you obviously can tell that this random plastic thingy is missing its plastic top thing. A problem that should probably be resolved before driving for 7.5 hours. So this picture was taken, and immediately sent to my mom (but really step-dad) with the subject line “We have a problem here”. Of course my tech savvy mom was waiting right there in front of her computer, and a phone call was received just minutes later. Which is good, because it turns out that the “radiator overflow tank” does come in handy when driving ridiculously long distances (in a car that has a recent history of overheating). So of course, being the new found southerner that I am!


All Fixed

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This duct tape did the job (I guess). Once I got to my next gas fill-up / lunch time, I discovered that it had popped off, but this time I was prepared with a handy bottle cap, and additional duct tape. The resulting solution was not very pretty. But this time it really did get the job done. Now I just have to make sure it makes it the rest of the way :-/

I’ll work on getting a picture of the new and improved model tomorrow…

Oh yea, and a truck kicked up a rock that hit my windshield and chipped it. Car problem #2 in the books. Hopefully tomorrow goes a little smoother.