A recent conversation with a former co-worker taught me how much income potential is involved with employee recruitment & referrals. Naturally I was intrigued by this and thought I would see if I could use my company’s employee referral program to make an extra side income. A couple months ago I put together this post, and I’m currently working on compiling another list of openings we have. Here are the steps I took to track my progress each time…


Head to your company’s internal Jobvite board and copy the current postings:

To help erase Jobvite’s website formatting I just pasted the jobs into a text editor and cleared out the text I didn’t care about, for instance the Request ID column that is in there.








Select a job posting and click “Next Step”:

This is where the process begins to loop. You’ll need to do each of these steps for each job posting you want to track.






Create a unique Job Link for that listing:

This is automatically linked back to your Jobvite account. Optionally you can specify the channel you’re posting the link to as well.





Copy the generated link:

Clicking on the “Copy” button automatically adds the link to your computer’s clipboard.




Go to Bit.ly and paste in the link:

The link will be immediately shortened, and you’ll get the shortened link presented to you.






Tag the links so you can track them easily later:

You’ll see we use this tag in a later step to filter our links for an easier look at our click stats.





Add each shortened URL to the job title:

Highlight each job, and set the hyperlink to link to the shortened URL. This part is pretty tedious and you need need to make sure you are linking the correct jobs to the correct title, but the extra analytics you get is really nice.





You can now filter your links (bitly.com/a/bitlinks?tags=Jobs):

This allows you to quickly see how many clicks each link has. Then you can click down the list and view more detailed statistics on a link by link basis.






Or view a summary of all your stats (https://bitly.com/a/stats)

Unfortunately this page on Bit.ly doesn’t allow you to filter by tag which would be really nice. There’s a good chance the Bitly Brand Tools do allow you to do this, but at the time I wasn’t really interested in paying for that upgraded version.




As you can see, some of these steps can be pretty tedious and take you a while. It would be really nice if Jobvite allowed you to export a list of jobs in plaintext, or Bit.ly let you create a batch of shortened URLs at a time, but compared to the amount of detail you get about the people who are clicking on your links does end up being worth it. As you can see, my links didn’t even get that many clicks, but I still thought it was better than having no idea if anyone was even seeing them.

What do you think? Do you use Bit.ly to track the click traffic on the links that you share?