I’m working on making some big changes around here… Stay tuned!

Christmas Lights 2015

Check out our Christmas lights, and tree! I'll work on getting a more updated picture of the front of the house now that we actually finished the left side of the bushes...    

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Keys to Success – B.C. Forbes

This past week I was listening to the audiobook of Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman as I continue working towards my 2015 goal of finishing 26 books. I had already read the Personal MBA, as well as his second book, The First 20 Hours, and loved them both. I'm also a big...

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My Favorite React.js Videos (August 2015)

If you're a front-end software engineer, there's a very good chance you've heard the recent craze surrounding Facebook's new React.js framework. This has resulted in me doing a ton of research into educational materials on the subject. I started with a PRO membership...

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Intro to 3D Printing

A little while back I supported the M3D "Micro" 3D printer campaign on Kickstarter without ever seeing a 3D printer actually run. As I posted about before, I have actually bought a 3D printed product for my Google Glass, but I never really understood the processed...

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National Nodebot Day!

Fun fact: Today was national nodebot day! (event info) Fittingly, this is happening just days after attending a Node.js workshop for the start of the TXJS conference here in Austin. Since it was my first time, I basically just walked through the Johnny-Five tutorials...

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